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Our Products

Trubble Gum

A safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly glue-based rat and mouse trap.


A ready-to-use wax block for rodent control. Harmless to humans and pets!

BirdPro Solutions

Spikes, strips, nets & wires – customized, human products to help keep birds off your property.


An effective, ready-to-use liquid formulation against all flying and crawling insects.


India’s first electrical flying insect control system.

Thermal Foggers

IGEBA© Foggers provided by PCI.


Ready-to-use formulation against Termites and other wood-boring pests.


Glue Based Mass Catching Cockroach Trap

PestSeal Aerosol

Special formulation targeted to all flying and crawling insects, in a spray can for home use.

Mesto Sprayers

High-quality aerosol generating sprayers in many sizes for different uses, available.